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Noi proiecte la Uniunea Europeană

Research on the flow of a biological liquid under variable intensity force fields, for destruction or multiplication of microorganisms and their isolation by membrane separation – BIOSTATE
ID 241411
IDEAS, Call ID: ERC-2009-StG_20081210
Project BIOSTATE proposes some interdisciplinary research concerning the flow of a biological liquid under a force field of variable intensity, with the purpose to destroy or multiply microorganisms. So, the project aims to develop the knowledge base in some specific topics of basic research, as physics and technological physics (including mathematical physics, non-linear phenomena), mathematics (mechanical mathematical models and field theory), chemistry and environment (food safety, drugs, environmental quality) and cross-border science topics (physical, chemical and biological processes modeling). Also, the project is focused on the secondary targets by promoting of original research and increasing the research capacity, with direct influence on international and national R&D programs, encouraging young researchers to remain in the R&D Romanian system, not leaving it or going abroad for working and studying. Project wishes to elaborate, develop and test a new conceptual physical and mathematical model, with applicative potential, for studying the flow of biological liquids inside strong force fields, by means of hypothesis verification and identification of key properties, especially in static electrical and ultrasound fields, at rest or in laminar flow, for destruction or multiplication of microorganisms, generating the laboratory procedure and validating the conceptual model. The research is interdisciplinary and belongs to cross-border knowledge acquirement process, relied to different aspects from biology, physics, medicine, mechanics, mathematics, by collecting, organizing and interpreting them. The selective references attached to the end of this section are relevant, the team proving to have good knowledge on the up to date contributions to the topic. It is remarkable the intention to create an improved methodology of study for the biological liquids flow and for modeling the corresponding physical processes. The specific objectives of the project are the following:
1. Critical analysis of the existing concepts, hypotheses formulation and checking and identification of key properties characterising the flow of biological liquids in strong force fields;
2. Exploratory research of some models for the flow processes mentioned above;
3. Elaboration of a procedure grounded on the effect of the flow of biological liquids in strong force fields (electrical and ultrasound), for microorganisms destruction or multiplication;
4. Elaboration and implementation of a laboratory methodology and testing the realised conceptual model;
5. Dissemination of the obtained results by publishing at national and international level. Along the time duration of the project, it will be published 8 scientific papers (2 ISI quoted) and a book.
The scientific and technical results of the project will be materialized in a critical analysis of the existing concepts, elaboration, development and testing of a conceptual physic-mathematical model with applicative relevance for the study of the flow process of the biological liquids inside strong force fields, by means of hypotheses formulation and testing and identification of key properties at rest and in laminar flow, for the purpose of microorganisms destroying or multiplying. As deliverables in different stages we will produce studies, papers, scientific reports, a book and other written materials. The methodology for research is in accordance with the objectives of the project. It consist in carrying out a comparative study of the existing theories, according to the actual stage of knowledge development, formulating a new complex physic-mathematical conceptual model and its validation by experimental procedure.
The theoretical and experimental researches will be focused on:
Mechanical effects:
- modification of the flow parameters (velocity distribution, volumetric flow);
- modification of the apparently viscosity;
- density modification.
Physical effects:
- modifications of the distributions of fields and force line spectrum;
- particles movement and preferential segregation;
- modification of electric permeability;
- modification of the ionic currents distribution.
Chemical effects:
- modification of chemical elements concentration;
- modification of pH.
Biological effects:
- microorganisms “getting to sleep”;
- lethal or bio - stimulating effects on microorganisms.

The roles of key team members:

Dr. BADEA CONSTANTIN DAN is the project manager and has the competence fields in the process engineering, biophysics, innovation and technological transfer.
Scientific title: Ph. D. in Medicine (Biophysics).
Over the 25 years of activity after graduating the university studies, 23 of them being continuously spent in University Politehnica from Bucharest, it were successfully approached the following scientific and technical topics: 1. Rheology of the adhesives and solder pastes, specific for SMT applications (within scientific group REOROM, in cooperation with CETTI – UPB and the National Centre for Engineering Sciences with Complex Fluids –NCESCF); 2. Mechatronic Systems, analyze – synthesis, mathematical modeling, numerical simulations and experimental identification (within FLUIDAS, in cooperation with SAHPR, APTE and Research Centre for Energy and Environmental Protection from UPB); 3. Impact and environmental studies, energy efficiency and feasibility studies for power plants (hydro, thermal and nuclear), within the Research Centre for Energy and Environmental Protection from UPB; 4. Implementing an efficient management system in the field of university research activities, for the 38 Research Centers from UPB, to the Scientific and Technological Park from UPB and for the Technological Transfer activities for the applicative results obtained in research activities from UPB (within the DMACS – UPB, being its Director from 2002 and in the Business and Technological Incubator / CETTI – UPB, as its Director from 2005).
Competence fields: Research activity of Dr. Ileana Rau covers the fields of synthesis and spectral characterization of complex combinations; adsorbing materials, applied IR spectroscopy, UV-VIS, RES and X ray diffraction measurements for structural characterisation of inorganic and argillaceous minerals; correlation composition – nano-particles / nano – drops for several systems by Dynamic Light Scattering; color and para-magnetic of some building materials in the class of colored chalks, cements and ceramic pigments characterization; intensified magnetic adsorption; environmental protection, chemical and physical bio-chemistry engineering; nonlinear optical techniques characterization; Z-scan, propagation loses; Thin films characterization: m – lines, UV-VIS spectroscopy, IR, optical dicroism.

Strengthening Research Capacity in the field of Colloidal Chemistry in view of Bionics and Biophysics Applications – COLLCHEM
ID 241435
Call ID: FP7-REGPOT-2009-1

The project is focused on applying the EU Action Plan regarding reinforcing measures for research capabilities of Convergence Regions on a specific case of a research center: the Research Center for Macromolecular Materials and Membranes (RCMMM) from Bucharest, Romania. This center aim at extending its research capabilities in the field of Colloidal Chemistry, with applications in Bionics and Biophysics, respectively the utilization of emulsions, micro emulsions and biopolymers to sterilization or cell multiplication, by using flow processes inside ultrasound and / or electrical fields. These topics have witnessed quite remarkable progress in recent years. The concept of the project is based on the realization of the FP7’s international dimension by establishing closer and enhanced research collaboration between RCMMM and selected research entities from the other EU Member State, with highly competent staff and outstanding results in the mentioned field.
The main project objectives include: organization of two-way mobility for the participants in the project team with the purpose of increasing the knowledge base, skills and experience of research staff, by means of training activities; reinforcement of the human potential, including recruitment of incoming experienced researchers, particularly as a means of encouraging the return of nationals having left the country; extending and upgrading existing specific equipment in RCMMM; knowledge transfer at national and international level; dissemination of knowledge and promotional activities.

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